Be the Change

We're Deluded How can we be expected to live up to a phrase uttered by a scrawny, starving little man who rendered useless the broad sword of an empire? He said to open your eyes

Magic and Miracles

I don't believe in magic. I don't care if you code-word it and call it a miracle. The reality of human existence is such that we're subject to these systems, these symptoms of existence, these

War is Over

If you want it to be. Don't confuse the stopping of a war with the growth of peace. It is true that you can't have peace until the fighting has stopped (by definition) and that


On Isaac Asimov's essay "What is Intelligence, Anyway?" I think true intelligence has to do with being inquisitive and seeking to learn, and then being able to apply that knowledge creatively, in increasingly sophisticated ways.

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