Web Series: One Minute People

A Show for Short Attention Spans »   A Web series... Written by: Ali Imran Zaidi » Directed by: Fred Zara » & Ali Imran Zaidi Featuring Music by: Brad Sucks »

Two in the Bush

Synopsis: Caught in the space between two cultures, a young man navigates the gray world of love, Arab American style. 1080p XDCAM EX (Blu-ray, HDCam, DigiBeta, DVCam, DVD, MiniDV Available) / 8:50 Writer / Director

A Man in the Attic

Synopsis: An American Muslim ponders, discusses and ruminates on his position in America, and the decline of his people in western civilization. A quiet sequence of imagery and poetic words presents a first-hand account of

Average Community: Now on Amazon

Synopsis: Welcome to Trenton, New Jersey, a post-industrial wasteland of abandoned factories, neglected row houses and urban decay. Trenton is a relic of America's once-thriving manufacturing economy, the kind of city most of us have